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Each set of swing sticks has been weighed and brought into balance. The logo is placed on the female side of the stick. The female side of the stick is approximately fourteen grams lighter than the male side of the stick. That is because the male stud weighs about seven grams. When the sticks are screwed together, the female side of center will become seven grams heavier and the male side of center will become seven grams lighter. A fourteen gram difference should provide a perfectly balanced swing stick. A variance of five grams is an acceptable degree of imperfection. Note also that the weights of each stick will vary depending on the level of moisture in the air.

Below is an example of two sets of sticks and how they differ. If you add seven to the first number and subtract seven from the second number, you will find the variance.

D37 has a four gram variance

D62 has a one gram variance

d37.jpg (4647 bytes) d62.jpg (4908 bytes)
weight_D37.jpg (17107 bytes) weight_D62.jpg (16550 bytes)


The two sets, as pictured above, happen to be naturals. In these cases, the matching sets also happen to be balanced. This is rare! Most of the sets for sale will have mixed serial numbers. In addition most halves weigh between 400 and 500 grams. Sets over 500 grams are also considered rare.

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