See It & Sink It

by Dr. Craig Farnsworth

Wow! I can't believe Farnsworth missed it!

This is the first book I ordered on-line through Barnes and Noble. My reason for ordering the book was two-fold. First, I wanted to check out the overall service from Barnes and Noble. After all, how could I offer their services to you without going through the experience myself first?  I must say, I was very satisfied. My order arrived in just two days. My second reason was of course to check out the book itself.

I read the book with a bit of trepidation. I figured that a doctor of optometry would surely have uncovered my proprietary short game technique. He does come close to uncovering the secret technique which I have been using since discovering it in 1992. But alas, he missed it! I couldn't believe my eyes! If you would like to read the article outlining my technique, you will need to sign up to become a new product tester. Once you complete the form and product tester quota is met, you will be e-mailed the secret technique. I think this one technique will have more of an impact on your short game than anything in this book or even anything in Dave Pelz's modern classic, "Putt like the Pros." If your torn between the two go with the latter.

The main focus of Farnsworth's book is that poor putting is the result of poor visual assumptions and not poor mechanics. He uses a variety of exercises to demonstrate his points. Chapter ten, entitled "The Moment of Truth," is the strongest chapter of the book. Here Farnsworth gets away from the technicality of  his own system and focuses on the intuitive aspects of the stroke. Though I completely disagree with his "target B" concept for uphill and downhill putts, and he tends toward being over technical, it's worth the read (if not the price). You may want to check the library for this one.

Rating: par

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