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The Inner Game of Golf

by W. Timothy Gallwey

This is one of the best golf psychology books ever written. Bob Rotella who? Gallwey takes the "Self 1"(ego), "Self 2"(subconscious) approach, outlining many examples of how we sabotage ourselves through conscious activity.

Gallwey's comments on the "trying mode" are priceless gems and the excerpts from a Bobby Jones' article on page twenty-seven is worth the price of admission. I thoroughly enjoyed Gallwey's thoughts about the round he played at Pebble Beach with contemporary thinker Michael Murphy.

This book was recommended to me many years ago by Tim Ausperk, a PGA professional at Blackbrook Golf Club. Here's one for every golfer's bookshelf.


Gallwey has updated this classic book. The link below you will take you to the new edition.  According to the publisher, nearly half of this new edition is new material. Look for my review soon!

Rating: hole in one

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