"The Feeling of Greatness"
The Moe Norman Story

by Tim O'Conner

This one is about Moe Norman, the greatest unknown golfer in the world. The main thread is that the comportment of Moe Norman did not lend itself to general acceptance by the pros on the circuit of the time(1950's). O'Conner speculates that this "odd man out" persona is the result of a sledding accident Norman experienced when he was five years old. O'Conner also points out personality traits in Norman that indicate functional autism. Moe Norman is an extremely fast player and a swinger of very heavy clubs. He is regarded by most tour players as the most accurate player ever to walk a golf course. Yet, as demonstrated in the photo section of the book, he has one of the most unconventional styles of any pure swinger. The book, though sometimes redundant to a fault,  serves as a testament to the fact that the gospel of "mechanical form" is nothing more than hogwash. No wonder the professional circuit shut him out! This is book is recommended solely as a proof of the veracity of the anti-formalist approach.

Norman is now the poster boy of sorts for the "Natural Golf" movement. This so-called revolutionary approach to golf is really an ill conceived notion that tries to root out mechanical causes from the evidence presented by form(albeit a different form). Natural Golf, though held out as a new modern fundamental, is still in love with formalism and will likely meet the same stone wall that the other formal approaches have met over the years.

Of note is Norman's intense exploration into philosophy later in his golfing career.

Forward by Lee Trevino

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