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What is this all about? In short, a quick study of my demographics for this site reveals that the great majority of the audience is comprised of men. I am smart enough to know that my dorky youtube videos are not going to cut it.  I need to take a hot hot girl (preferably a novice), and with a few short instructions, have her hitting crisp irons shots within an hour. With some proprietary techniques, I can accomplish this in about a two hour video shoot.

These videos will be linked up through the Hot Girls Learn Golf website and available on a pay per view basis.



Would you like to earn a residual income? If you are hot enough to become a "Hot Girls" contributor, I will pay you 20% of all the revenue your video brings in! Bonus income will be available when certain sales levels are reached.

All videos will be done with a four camera shoot and professionally edited.

To participate you will need to sign a model release and a revenue sharing contract.

This in NOT Porn!

Although the final edit is up to me, I will ask you to sign off on the final cut. If there are elements that you are unhappy with, I will do my best to re-edit to your comfort level.

Cleveland area ladies are most welcome.

I would consider traveling for a remote shoot if the level of your hotness is overwhelming.

If you are a hot girl (the level of your hotness being completely at my discretion), and want to learn to play golf, send a tasteful picture of yourself to goldengolf@att.net

So as not to scare you, I have posted a picture of the real me. The doctored photo of me in the red hat was a ploy to appear old and wizened to my internet audience. As you can see, I'm slowly growing into that role.


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