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The Golden Swing Thing
Press Release

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Benefits of Ownership

Full training area for The Golden Swing Thing™ is included with your purchase.

The Product Web also includes new feature articles and exercises such as:

  • The Secret Short Game Technique
    (Look out Dave Pelz)

  • Philosophy behind The Golden Swing Thing™

  • The Baseball Putting Technique

  • Other putting exercises

  • Golf and the Martial Arts (soon!)

  • Upper Body Composture Technique

  • Lower Body Composture Technique

re-explaining David Lee's Counterfall Theory

  • The Secret of the Waggle

  • Waking to the Orbit of Swing

  • Dual Swoosh exercise

  • The Point and Shoot exercise

  • The Object Awareness exercise

  • The Spalding Triple Point and Release Grip

  • The Spalding Triangle (soon!)

  • Witness the Ball

  • ...and more!

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The philosophy and training products you are about to encounter are made in the U.S.A.