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The Golden Swing Thing
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"As a 'traditional' golf professional, Taylor Spalding's ideas were new to me, very refreshing, and made me look at the way I view the golf swing differently. I can honestly say that his concepts have impacted my evolution as a teaching professional, and have helped me with my own swing".

Joe Laurentino
PGA Professional

"I am trying to learn your approach to golf via the information on your public web site. Very different! - Refreshing, sensible, and scientific."


"In the short time I have been attempting to learn golf I feel as if I've seen 10 lifetimes of dead ends - but I don't think so this time."


"I am really impressed, at the depth, and the simple straight forward style you have chosen to present these concise concepts."


"I can't tell you when I've found a site that gave me such pure enjoyment. You have put into words the thoughts that I wanted to have about golf for many years."


"...after taking the time to examine your web site critically, I have come to the conclusion that your ideas are worthy of further exploration."


"You have been more help than the many books and instruction I have taken."


"I stay with my best friend down here (Florida) who is a 4 handicap and who has never really had a "breakthrough." It is mental and he has never broken par. After reading your article, Mushin at the Masters (see article section in the Public Archive), I passed it on to him and insisted that it might help him. He read it, went out and played the following day, scoring each shot in the round with only Mushin and Suki. Guess what? He shot one under and is bouncing off the walls."

Joe Laurentino
PGA professional

For contextual reference, see the Viewer Mail section in the Public Archive.

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