Tiger Prediction 1998

Although Tiger charged back in the Mercedes, I think he is going into a period where consciousness will try to assert itself. This could be an angry year for Tiger.

Therefore I predict no Tiger Wood victories in the Majors this year, and no money title. The pull shot may come back to haunt him.

I really don't care if this prediction comes true. I'm just writing stuff down.

Taylor Spalding

Update: four down, none to go. No Major for Tiger in 1998. This one is in the books! If he was going to win a major this year, the Masters was his best shot.

But it would be hard to classify this as an angry year for Tiger. This was a steady and consistent year for Tiger. The money title is well within reach simply because of all the top ten finishes.

Taylor Spalding

Update: No money title for Tiger this year.

That makes it official; both predictions were on the money. This wasn't a hard call to make. I based the prediction on Sir Walter Simpson's declaration that the transition into full adulthood can be a detriment to both the experienced junior player and to the one who is just taking up the game around the age of twenty-one. The credit for this prediction goes fully to Sir Walter. What a wonderful book he has given us!

Just over one and three quarters of a million dollars in winnings does not however bring the word "detriment" to mind. Again, Tiger had a very steady year. If he would have made half the putts this year that he made last year, this page would be telling a completely different story. It wasn't the pull shot as much as it was the putting that kept him out of the victory circle. Mike Mayo, guest contributor to GolfWeb, and other reporters have been over the top in their criticism of Tiger's 1998 season. Tiger's ho hum attitude about the year, the kind of attitude that really ticks off reporters, should be looked at as a composed response and the sign of a healthy even keel temperament. This will serve him well as he settles into to his full adulthood.

This winter Woods will be found more on the practice green and less on the practice tee. Tiger lost some of the golden zip on his putts in 1998 and he will likely work hard to get it back. Though it is likely that he will never be a visitor to this site, a once over of my secret short game technique could be a good shot in the arm for him. The secret short game technique will be made available to members of the product web. This web is currently being built for purchasers of The Golden Swing Thing™. This new swing training device will be for sale via the web sometime in February, 1999. Interested parties should go to the waiting list.

Taylor Spalding

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