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A = Any number B = Any number A + B = C
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Take any two numbers and add them together. Use the result in the operation in the next line and repeat. When you get to "L" divide "K" by "L" and "L" by "K."

A ______________ + B ______________ = C ______________

C ______________ + B ______________ = D _______________

D______________ + C ______________ = E _______________

E ______________ + D ______________ = F _______________

F ______________ + E ______________ = G _______________

G ______________ + F ______________ = H _______________

H ______________ + G ______________ = I _______________

I ______________ + H ______________ = J _______________

J _______________ + I ______________ = K _______________

K ______________ + J______________ = L _______________

K L = approaching .61803

L K = approaching 1.61803

These values are known as the Golden Proportion and its reciprocal. It is this proportion which lends itself to the spiral activity observed in many self-organizing structures in nature. Examples can be made of hurricanes, snail shells, pinecones, the Chambered Nautilus, ocean waves, whirlpools and galaxies. Even the double helix of the DNA and the chambers of the heart are organized according to the mathematical properties of the golden proportion.

It is this author's belief that this proportion is intimately connected to the nature of "true gravity," a term popularized in Michael Murphy's book, "Golf In The Kingdom." It's a must read.

An excellent source for information on the golden proportion is the book titled, "Elliot Wave Principle: Key to Stock Market Profits," by Robert Prechter and A.J. Frost.

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