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Feature Articles

Article 1 ---"Bursting the Vardon Bubble"

Here we examine one of golf's most cherished tenets, the Vardon grip. This article treats the grip as an element of style from which questionable inferences have been drawn. The article contains a wonderful practice technique and an idea for a beneficial training device.(includes photo section)

Article 2 ---"Mushin at the Masters"

Written one week after Greg Norman's giant collapse at the 1996 Masters, this article takes a look at the causes of the breakdown. Through Norman's own adopted philosophy and sound bytes of his public comments a profound explanation is presented here. The article includes updates on his own reflections and this author's comments on the Tiger Woods 1997 Masters victory.

Article 3 ---"The Greatest Illusion in Golf"

This one is a real brain thumper. The illusion is uncovered through a simple Eastern saying and a glimpse at the nineteenth century philosopher Henri Bergson.

Article 4 ---"The Illusion of the Club"

Here we examine that confounded crooked thing we use to hit the ball. You will find some helpful experiments here.(includes photo section)

Article 5 ---"Murphy's Kingdom"

Here I speculate on the nature of "true gravity," a term popularized in the book "Golf in the Kingdom." This article is not yet loaded.

Other Articles:

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