Gazelle for Golf  This article will be posted in conjunction with a video about how you can use the Gazelle to vastly improve the balance and consistency of your golf swing. Of course the techniques to be described will naturally crossover to baseball and tennis.

If you own a Gazelle, get the coat hangers out, take the shirts off the machine, hang them up, and get ready to transform your golf, your baseball, and your tennis!

This is the time to hit the road a bit. I plan in the future to travel the country. I will arrange to do workshops in various cities around the USA. I am not a seminar speaker (I mean really ... have you seen my videos?). The sessions will likely be an experiential journey, a somewhat unstructured and spontaneous process. I look at it this way:

Over the last seventeen years I have been putting my ideas into print. It is time for me to express some of these ideas face to face. I think many to believe me to be a bumbling idiot in my unscripted videos. Nevertheless, if we can all gather together and have a dialog, I believe that I can help you understand that I am humble and holistic in my approach. We are all attempting to de-construct the ego and settle into an approach that is confident yet ego-less. Golf is a tricky subject. I make no claim that I have cornered the market on golf insight.

For example: I think it to be very important to have a professional take a look see every now and again. A pro by the name of Bruce Parry saw me making an unconscious movement that was bogging down my "swing machine."  A slight re-working of my setup snapped back the efficiency into my own "swing machine."  All of us get stuck in what can only be called "disintegration by habituation." Sometimes we need a third party to knock out the cobwebs in the brain. We are all still learning. If we stop learning, we are dead.

So in the trunk of my car I will throw in the Gazelle, the Golden Swing Thing, and the Swingpointer and travel the country. The West calls to me.


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