Thanks to Bruce

This is what you kids today call the "shout out."

I recently had my clubs fitted by Bruce Parry at Dicks Sporting Goods of North Olmstead. He got the shafts to the correct length. He adjusted the lofts and lies of the clubs, and installed new grips. Not only did he do a marvelous job on the clubs, he provided great insight on a couple of things at the driving range. He inspired me. One tiny little change produced a big change in my "personal swing machine."

Everyone has a personal swing machine. Over time the machine wears down through the process of repeated movements or setups that have degraded into a "slumping of habituation".  Sometimes all we need is to have someone notice a "quirk" that for some reason has become an unconcious "swing cue."  Eliminate the quirk and invigorate the swing. Something as simple as re-orienting the ball position can work wonders. I highly  recommend that golfers go in for swing tune ups. Of course I do recommend Bruce because he helped me. If you are in the Cleveland area, drop in to see Bruce ... and tell him I sent you.

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