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First and foremost I want to thank e-sports! for hosting this site. Thank you Matt, Allan and Melvin for all your support and guidance.
  • The first thing to do is to explore the Ten Actions of the Spalding Method. This method is magnanimously named by me, for me, and after me for the sole reason that every other name for the method sounded vague or incomplete. Above each action will be a toolbar. Use the green arrows to go through the slide show. An explanation of each action will be loaded into this frame when you click on the "comments" link. Be sure to check out the "must see" animation in the comments section for number seven. It takes about forty seconds to load and I ask for your patience. I think it's worth the wait.
  • If you are an experienced golfer, looking for the philosophical banter, you will want to start in the articles section. Here you will find a critique of the Vardon Grip, an essay on Norman's 1996 Masters collapse, a piece on the illusion of the golf club, and my treatise on the greatest illusion in golf.
  • If you're a beginner golfer and looking for a good start, sign up to become a product tester for the new swing training device. Experienced golfers may also want to sign up since doing so will allow them access to the secret article on my proprietary short game technique. I believe this one technique is worth more than all the information in a particular book by a distinguished modern putting guru.:~o-
  • Speaking of books . . . check out the book section to find some recommended reading. Some of these books could be considered pre-requisite for understanding the method outlined here. Please order the books or check them out at the library. This brings me back to the whole printing issue. Please feel free to print anything, especially the feature articles.This site lives when the spirit of Gutenberg is championed (plus the advertisers love the sound of a laser printer like a newspaper man loves the smell of ink). Reading is simply more enjoyable in the analog form. I want to contribute as little as possible to "Browser Addiction." Also, Information, unlike other forms of property, can only gain in value if it is shared. As long as the physical piece of paper says "Copyright 'the year,' Golden Barefoot Golf" and lists the address "www.goldengolf.com," you can print it and take it to the water cooler.
  • If you don't care to read go to the photo demo section. Featured is a demonstration of a new club idea that could seriously sharpen your short game.
  • You might want to check out the Gallery if you're looking for some buried treasure. A fifty point shot is appealing in darts. ;~}

Occasionally you may see a thumbnail of my old mug.
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If you click on the thumbnail above one of my aphorisms will load into the left frame.

This first aphorism reveals the purpose of this site. I'm not going to turn anyone into the next Jack Nicklaus. The sole purpose here is to expose the reader to the reality of that paradox we call "golf." Each individual must come to terms with the game in his or her own way. In that respect golf is treated here purely as an art form and especially as a martial art form.

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Clicking on this image will take you to a quote by another author.
You will most often see this image in the book section.

The other quote, belonging to Sir W. G. Simpson, may give the reader some insight into the name of this site (which, bye the bye, was named before I ever read Simpson's classic book). The saying serves more as an affirmation to me. Now you may think that the site name is nothing more than a convenient parody of this generation's greatest golfer. With no disrespect, it is! But the whole thing is much deeper than that. I want to talk about "True Gravity"! Follow the "golden mean" link for more on that.

Could this site be of any value? Read my comments on the professional golfer if you have doubts.

Please enjoy your stay here at Golden Barefoot Golf,


Taylor Spalding

P.S. I would be lying if I pretended not to be interested in being published in the traditional book form. Any interested publishers may contact me via e-mail.

P.P.S. This site is best viewed with the computer display settings set at 800X600 pixels. Also for newbies: I don't know what browser you are using, but you can increase your viewing area by eliminating or reducing some browser toolbars and directory buttons. A good way to save your clicker finger is to use the "alt" + "left arrow" keyboard combo to go "back" and the "alt" + "right arrow" command to go "forward." The "page down" key is also excellent for scrolling. Be sure that you have clicked on the frame you want to scroll in. In most cases it will be here in the frame your are reading from now.


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