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The twenty most likely titles for Tiger's first instruction book

by Taylor Spalding

20. "Golf -- A Meditation"

19. "Golf in Tiger's Kingdom"

18. "Swoosh!"

17. "See the Ball -- Hit the Ball"

16. "The Yin and Yang of Swing"

15. "Swing and Enlightenment"

14. "Zen in the Art of Golfing"

13. "Freedom Golf"

12. "The Higher Plane of Swing"

11. "Golf for the Masses"

10. "Siddhartha-Part II"

9. "How to Put Stripes on a Golf Ball"

8. "Tiger on Golf"

7. "Refining, Reforming and Rethinking Golf"

6. "The New Millennial Swing"

5. "Golf: The Way"

4. "Golf and the Eightfold Path"

3. "Just Doing It"

2. "Logarithms of the Just"

1. "Making Peace With Golf" - (Sorry that one's taken. View the outline)


When Tiger's Mom writes a book the likely title will be. . .

"Taming a Tiger"


Likely title for Tiger's autobiography

"In the Eye of Tiger"

Here are some Tiger predictions


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