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What's in the box? - This is what you should have when you open the box containing The Golden Swing Thing™

Setting up The Golden Swing Thing™

Concept and construction - Anatomy of The Swing Thing

Symmetry demonstration - A demonstration of balance and aesthetics

Before you start training - please read this caveat


What's New

FAQ Home - answers to questions from product users

A new world record! - guidelines for world record attempts for consecutive hits with The Golden Swing Thing™

Current numbers to beat

Product availability home page

Streaming Video - coming soon!

Feature Articles

Philosophy behind The Golden Swing Thing™

Witness the Ball

Waking to the Orbit of Swing

Finding Upper Body Composture

The Secret of the Waggle

The Baseball Putting Technique

Pathways and Pigeonholes: A Short Game Technique

Extending the Pigeonhole Technique

A Momentus Discussion

A Child Verifies the Axiom

Finding Lower Body Composture

Golf and the Martial Arts

The Spalding Grip

Golf is a Dominant Hand Game

Training links for The Golden Swing Thing™

Before you start training

First Group of Exercises

Second Group of Exercises

Third Group of Exercises

Object Awareness Exercise

Putting Exercise #1

Putting Exercise #2

Baseball and Tennis Applications

Dual Swoosh Exercise - first form

Dual Swoosh Exercise - second form

Point and Shoot

The Plane Game


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