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It is this author's belief that the golden mean is the key to balancing the centrifugal and centripetal forces in the golf swing. Indeed Simpson, in this snippet from the book, "The Art of Golf", probably used the expression to indicate some intermediate path. Perhaps he meant something like a "perfect attention." But as a member of the elite and educated Europeans his usage of the term was surely not accidental.

If you are not acquainted with the Golden Proportion you may want to go to the Golden Calculator and do the exercise there. You will need to print out the page to do the exercise. The results from the Golden Calculator are most efficiently expressed by the Fibonacci and Lucas numbers. Click on those links to see the numbers and their ratios.

The manner in which these ratios bounce from one side of the Golden Proportion to the other side is what "True Gravity" is all about. As the motion refines itself, it does so according the square of itself and the reciprocal of the square. Does this sound familiar? Does the name "Newton" come to mind? See the numbers of "True Gravity."


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