Tiger Woods

I've taken a bit of ribbing for posting thoughts on Tiger Woods while neglecting to focus on other players of the PGA Tour. My answer to this criticism is plain and simple.

I really started collecting my thoughts on golf in the fall of 1990. Tiger Woods was barely a teenager back then. Here's my way of looking at it: If I was living in Spain and had started collecting my thoughts in 1994, I would probably be writing about Sergio Garcia. Further, if I had been living in San Fransisco and started collecting my thoughts in 1964, I would be writing about Jerry Garcia :~{>

But seriously now, I became aware of the phenom in 1993. I saw the whole Johnny Carson bit and the golf trophies. I believe it was an ESPN feature. We've all seen him grow up.

What really fascinated me about Woods was his background. He had a military father and a Buddhist mother. This odd combination produced an intense goal driven yet concept releasing individual. That is a simple but powerful fascination.

This site has been criticized by some as being a slick parody of Buddhism. It was never my intention to make fun of the eightfold path. That may be someone's perception, but it is not a reality.

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