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Tiger Woods


I predict that Tiger Woods will be allowed to direct 15 people move a boulder out of his way so he will have a clear shot to the green. Then, in the US Open, Payne Stewart will not be allowed to move sand from the line of a chip shot ... and Nike will not recover the money they have paid Woods for endorsements. Then Tiger will choke.

I'm sorry, I guess it's not a prediction if it has already happened.



.....and your point is ...that you hate Tiger Woods with a passion and somehow believe that I worship the ground he walks on and bow down to a picture of him sitting in a lotus position.

I really couldn't care less what Woods does. I'm just cranking out some fodder on the phenom.

Would you care to buy a Swing Thing?


Judging by your web site, which I find intriguing, I would take you as an iconoclast.

Thank you.

That's why I am baffled by your seeming preoccupation with Tiger Woods, the ultimate media/golf establishment designated icon.

I see Woods as a paradox. Buddhist inner game, secular consumerist outer game. Most of the stuff about Woods was written when he first burst on to the scene. I suppose it's a bit exploitative to have that stuff on the front page, but don't let your perceptions run away with you. I'm only letting the section drag on because I predicted correctly for last year. If he wins the last two Majors , I'll have to drag it into next year. Would you rather see David Duval alien jokes?

The following quote is from one of your articles:

"It is evident from the outcome of the 1997 Masters that Tiger Woods was a truer player in this year's tournament. His temperament is so refined that the quoting of the philosophical is unnecessary for him. He doesn't need to explain action. Though he surely has had access to Stanford's incredible library(just as Michael Murphy did), philosophy can only lead to the edge of the chasm; it cannot instruct in the actual leaping to the other side. As a pro, he is already showing us his "original face." It is the same face he showed us at age three, putting balls on national TV. It is the same face he showed as a baby while reaching for the rattle. It is the face of a modern Siddhartha , mushin throughout."

Based on the time it was written, I completely stand by that.

It must be admitted that he is an excellent golfer, however, one rarely finds even in this jaded age an individual so transparently superficial as Tiger Woods.

I don't know him, but I would argue that it's the mainstream media which is transparently superficial.

Therefore, your assessment is either pure gush, which blows your whole "zen master" pose,

I'll leave the gushing to his professional playing partners. Afterall, they are the ones being out-driven by eighty yards. "Zen master pose"? That really has no meaning to me. I'm just a guy makin' peace with his own game.

or you are putting us on in order to exploit the Tiger "phenom" for commercial purposes.

Well it is "dot com" isn't it? And I would prefer to sell something on the internet other than pornography.

I'll pass on the Swing Thing for now.

That's fine. You can always go to Home Depot and make a swing tool yourself for about $15.00. Marvelous swing aid I tell ya. Of course, it won't be quite as handsome as The Golden Swing Thing™ ...but it will do the job.

Imagine improving your game all by yourself with a homemade swing tool. Oh yeah, commercial exploitation ...that's what I'm all about ;~]


How to make your own super swing tool link coming soon!

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