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July 24, 2000-- ... and complete the grand slam he did! What a display by Woods!

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June 19, 2000-- Chalk me up for another in the money Tiger prediction. Woods wins the 100th U.S. Open. Back on January 10, 2000 (see below) I predicted that Tiger would win one of the majors he had yet to conquer. After watching him decimate the field yesterday, he may complete the grand slam this year!

The Golden Swing Thing may be undergoing a name change. It is unlikely that any more will be produced under the current name. Supply is limited ... so if you want one that reads "The Golden Swing Thing," act now!

March 21, 2000 -- Hello Spring!! I have loaded up a New Viewer Mail piece. This dialogue actually took place in the Autumn of 1999. However, I pulled a bonehead move and accidentally deleted that thread of mail before I had a chance to post it. Fortunately the reader had a copy of our discussion and was kind enough to forward it to me. Thanks Jim.


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February 23, 2000 -- New Viewer Mail. A PGA professional recently purchased one of the "AA" Golden Swing Things. Here are some of his questions and comments.

February 14, 2000 -- As predicted Tiger Woods did not match the record of eleven victories in a row.

And much to my dismay, Jack Lemmon did not even play at Pebble let alone make the cut. Mr. Lemmon had some minor surgery and was not able to play this year. Get well Jack! You'll make it next year!

January 10, 2000 -- Well, Tiger Woods wins again. Can he match the record of eleven in a row?

Prediction: No he will not! There are just too many great players out there today. The field is too strong overall. But I do think Woods will win one of the majors that he has yet to win. He will win either the U.S. Open or the British Open this year. Some are predicting that he will win all the Majors this year. Not a chance! Another money title is almost a sure thing.

I devoted a whole section to Tiger Predictions in the past. I'm sort of letting that phase out. Here's a link to that section.

Thoughts on Tiger Woods

Another prediction: Jack Lemmon will finally make the cut at Pebble Beach this year.


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January 8, 2000 -- Well the lights are still on, the water is still running, and the bank didn't accidentally tack on any extra zeros to the end of my balance. ;~}

I cannot believe it has been a full two years since the inception of this site. All in all, 1999 was a very good year. I received a good bit of positive response from various readers, the Golden Swing Thing™ was finally put into saleable form, the product got featured in a glossy marketing magazine, and I sold a few of them over the web. My goal, of course, is to make the Golden Swing Thing™ the "Pokemon" of golf. Perhaps Christmas 2000 is my time. As of right now there are a few AA's still available, but I expect to sell out of those within a month or two.

What's Old - but may be new to you -1999

What's Old - but may be new to you -1998

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The World's Greatest Hiccup Cure--This was the first link on the original what's new page. This link will be at the bottom of every What's New page. I haven't found one better!


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