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December 15, 1998--New viewer mail has arrived


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December 4-6, 1998-- Northcoast Golf show. Well the public got its first look at The Golden Swing Thing™. Here's a day by day diary of my impressions of the show and the people I'm meeting there.

November 7, 1998--Folks, it hasn't been a good week. Today there was a death in the family. I don't want to lay bare the elements of my personal life, but as this most profound week draws to a close I think that today I should reveal the name of the product.

For several months now I have been touting something called "The Magic Swing Thing."  I want to thank everyone who signed up for the product test and all of the people on the ever growing waiting list. Although the name isn't changing much, I believe that the final product name is the purest name I could come up with.

The product's official name is: The Golden Swing Thing™

All previous references to the product have been changed to The Golden Swing Thing™.


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November 6, 1998--Ouch! The ladder I was climbing outside my house slipped on the wet driveway. I fell about fifteen feet and severly sprained my right ankle. :~0 The polished presentation I had planned for the Cleveland golf show may be in jeopordy. I will still be there, but I may be on crutches. As in life, so in golf. After pondering my predicament, this quote came to mind.

Now I know no one wants to look at my "not so golden bare feet," but I have documented the reality of my injury. Here's my normal left foot and ankle. Here's my injured right foot and ankle. And here's a picture of both feet side by side. I had planned to do a streaming video demonstration of my product for the product testers. It looks like that's on hold for at least a few weeks.

It's kind of ironic. I have always claimed that the Spalding Method and the implementation of The Golden Swing Thing™ were a completion of the Ernest Jones method. Now I feel as though I'm just about as incapacitated as Jones was when he had the lower portion of his right leg amputated after World War One.

November 5, 1998--New viewer mail has arrived

November 1, 1998--Both Tiger predictions comes true! Nine months ago I predicted that Tiger would not win a major in 1998 and that he would not win the money title. With the season all wrapped up, it is now official!

Had I known David Duval would take the title, I would have rooted for Tiger to prove my prediction wrong. I must confess that I'm not a big fan of David Duval.


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September 29, 1998--New viewer mail has arrived.

September 17, 1998--New viewer mail has arrived.

September 12, 1998-- Waking to the Orbit of Swing This article was available to the product testers last spring. I'm releasing here for the first time to the general public.

August 12, 1998-- What's Between To and Fro?


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July 23, 1998--New viewer mail has arrived.

July 15, 1998--Many Thanks to the reviewers at Infoseek for giving this site a checkmark in its guide. Here is a link to the listing:

Infoseek's listing of Golden Barefoot Golf

A couple of aphorisms

June 29, 1998--New viewer mail has arrived.

Another exercise for comprehending "Waning"


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June 24, 1998--Book review--"Gravity Golf," by David Lee. You've seen the infomercial, but is it worth your hard earned cash?

June 13, 1998--If you could only play golf one handed, which arm would you leave behind?

June 3, 1998--Happy birthday to my second born son!

May 31, 1998--New Tiger Book Title

May 27, 1998--What's in a Name?


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May 23, 1998--A comment on Waiting

A couple of aphorisms

May 17, 1998--Second round of the year

May 16, 1998--Of the two articles listed directly below, which one is more valid?

Here's my opinion

May 8, 1998--A Piece on Walking --is this one valid?

April 26, 1998--Comments on the Re-route --or is this one valid?

A couple of aphorisms

ts4_thumb.jpg (1115 bytes) ts4_thumb.jpg (1115 bytes)

April 15, 1998--Tax deadline.


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April 13, 1998--First round of the year.

April 12, 1998--Easter Sunday--What's the definition of "paradox?"

April 11, 1998--Want to improve the pace of your putts?

Read this--"The Baseball Putting Technique"

March 18, 1998--Happy birthday to my firstborn son!

The article "Witness the Ball" is now in the product tester area.

To gain access to these articles, sign up for the product test.

March 10, 1998--Here's the final word on the Casey Martin debate.

"A Call to Arms ... Er, Legs!"

Book Review--Radical Golf


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March 8, 1998--an aphorism

In case you haven't figured it out yet, most of the new articles will be posted in the product tester area. Sign up for the product test and you get access to the most recent musings.

March 1, 1998--a couple of aphorisms

I've loaded a new article into the product tester area. It's titled, "Waking to the Orbit of Swing." To access the article please sign up for the product test.

February 24,1998--A couple of aphorisms

February 1, 1998--There isn't much new here. I've been busting my butt trying to get this site ready for its e-sports debut.

Right now the Hogan link in the book area takes you to a blurb and a recommendation of his book. I'm working on an extensive review of Hogan's famous book.

I will be working on the training video for the product testers over the next several of months. If you would like to sign-up, take stroll to the product tester area. Don't forget, if you sign-up I will e-mail to you the proprietary short game technique--it's short but oh so sweet! Time and space is limited so act now!


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World's Greatest Hiccup Cure--this will link will always be here. Even the first time visitor (golfer or not) will appreciate this one.


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