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December 15, 1999 -- I think I should post something before this page becomes the what's new archive for 1999. I've been more in the reading mode lately. The only thing I have done on the site recently is retract the Spalding Triple Point and Release Grip. Go to the Preivew Web to read the retraction. As an afterthought to the comments in the retraction, let me assert that the grip should be like a Ron Popiel roaster oven "... set it and FORGET it!" After that, we should pretend that our hands are attached to our elbows and swing like that.

The death of Payne Stewart ... I can't even finish the sentence. I don't know what to say here. I had begun to jot down a poem on the day of  his funeral. I went back to it and finished it up last week.

Tribute to Payne Stewart

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September 12, 1999 -- Here's the article I will be featuring at the Chicago Motivation Show. Look for the Golden Swing Thing™ in Potentials Gold Star Gallery of New Products. For a personal demonstration of the Golden Swing Thing, visit me in booth #4167 at the McCormick Place.

Show dates: Tuesday September 21, 1999 through Thursday September 23, 1999.

September 2, 1999 -- Play a better ball?

September 1, 1999 -- I had the chance to go to the final round of the NEC Invitational at Firestone. My focus was to closely watch the grips of various pros. Of particular interest to me is the stability of the right palm just below the thumb.

Coming Soon: The Spalding Triple Point and Release Grip.


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August 22, 1999 -- Dialogue with EM continues. Look for The Spalding triple point release grip. This article is coming October 1, 1999.

July 20, 1999 -- Comments on the 1999 British Open.

July 12, 1999 -- New Viewer Mail. This one is a response to a piece of mail I sent to one of the product testers.

July 6, 1999 -- New Viewer Mail. This Guy has a bone to pick about Tiger Woods.


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July 1, 1999 -- New aphorism

Added Ask Jeeves to the web site. I have been a P.G. Wodehouse fan for quite some time and Ask Jeeves is the perfect fit. Jeeves, the butler and key character in many of Wodehouse's high society lampoons, is the man's man when it comes to answers, advice and service. I like the natural language search capabilities of Ask Jeeves and the direct path to consise answers.

June 16, 1999 -- Golden Barefoot Golf records first official internet sale of The Golden Swing Thing™. Ironically this sale went to a person in Knoxville. Now there's a city quite familiar with the word "gold." ;~]

Internet transactions for The Golden Swing Thing™ will be routed though i-escrow. The system works quite well. Go to the Purchase page for more details.

June 15, 1999 -- New Viewer Mail is now posted. This one is from a man inquiring about The Golden Swing Thing™.


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June 13, 1999 -- Golden Barefoot Golf records its first official sale of The Golden Swing Thing™. The sale was to a woman who wanted to give one to her father for Father's Day. Check here for updated pricing.

May 22, 1999 -- My dialogue with E.M. has continued. The Progress of a Student and Teacher has just been updated. I also recently finished Michael Murphy's The Kingdom of Shivas Irons. Look for a review soon.

BTW-I sent a Golden Swing Thing™ to Mr. Murphy about a month ago.

April 19, 1999 -- I decided to start a column called The Progress of a Student and Teacher. This page will keep tabs on a running dialogue that E.M. and I have had going via the e-mail for some time now.

March 29, 1999 -- New viewer mail has arrived. I also received a wonderful letter from an avid reader known as E.M. I will be posting a few more of his comments in the future.


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February 16, 1999 -- Finally saw Tin Cup on video. Comments

January 20, 1999 -- Forty-three Golden Swing Things™ have been distributed to product testers in North America. One has been sent to England. All the links in the Product Web have been activated. The test is under way!! Look for secure on-line ordering in March!

January 13, 1999 -- Infoseek bumped Golden Barefoot Golf to the second page of their golf training area but gave this site two stars. That's up from one star. Then too they went from a two star system to a three star system and all the other sites got two stars as well. I'm hoping my link survives the transition to the "Go Network." here's the link to Golden Barefoot Golf's Infoseek listing.

January 1, 1999 -- Happy New Year! Wishing well to all visitors in the new year... and uh ... uhhhhh. In the words of Tom Hanks..."Oh landy!" Ok. I confess! It's really January 13. I've been quite busy building the Product Web and preparing The Golden Swing Thing™ for shipment to the product testers. I will try to update here in the Public Web whenever I can. But honestly, most of the new material is going into the Product Web.

It's nearly been a full year since I posted the call for product testers. And I must say, I'm fired up! The swing training device that I daydreamed about several years ago is finally going to be put in the hands of nearly fifty people. My best wishes for all the product testers. I think an interesting year is ahead us. (~;

Since it is time for a new "Simpson's" calander and a full year of "What's New ...soon to be old" has transpired, it is now possible for me to empty all the old stuff into a file and call it an "archive." But since it is old now, I can't call it "What's New - 1998." How about "What's Old - but may be new to you -1998" ?


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The World's Greatest Hiccup Cure--This was the first link on the original what's new page. This link will be at the bottom of every What's New page. I haven't found one better!


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