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Mr. Spalding,

Are you selling any of the original production? I am interested since the
product price is out of my range. I am sure it is worth what you are asking, but just a budget reality on my side. I, nevertheless, am a fan of your methods and am trying to do what I can to learn and implement. Your methods are the only direction I am looking toward to better my game. I rarely can play rounds of golf due to the expense and being a new parent. But, I spend lots of time at home or going to park just hitting balls. Love the game. Very appreciative of what you offer at no charge online. The Golden Swing Thing will not be in my near future, unless I can get one used or a blemished reduced model. Otherwise, I will just have to save for one in future. Thanks for all your hard work and your revolutionary ideas on golf.

T. M.

Thanks for you inquiry TM.

The first batch of Swing Things was produced with a center connection that
did not meet my quality standards. The product is fully functional, mind you, it just doesn't have aesthetic perfection I was looking for. The final product will have a cue quality brass center connection and brass pendulum connector. From a retail perspective, I'm looking at Christmas 1999. This slight product glitch could be a blessing in disguise since it has forced me to "promo" out more of these final prototypes to the media.

As I gear up for the Christmas season, I have decided to make the Swing Thing available without the case. Afterall, you can fit it into your golf bag just fine. The case will then be available as an after market add-on.

So here's the final breakdown:

The Golden Swing Thing™(common stock): $129.00

Handsome carrying case: $70.00

The Golden Swing Thing™ with case $189.00

When you order the product and the case at the same time you save $20.00.

The prices above apply to the final cue quality product.

To answer your question sir, I will make some of the original batch available at a reduced price.

The Golden Swing Thing™(common stock-original batch): $75.00

This price is for the original batch with the "industrial" look center connection.

If you think about this for a while, you may realize that this is the bargain of a lifetime. As the finalized product catches on, it will go into higher production runs. These productions will be fitted with the brass connectors. From a collectibility point of view these raw prototypes could become the most collectible of all the Swing Things. Remember, AA, A, B, and most of D are available as "raw protos." Most of the C's are gone.

If you still think seventy-five bucks is too much, then go search the internet for some other training aid. You will be amazed at what some of these Asian produced lumps of plastic are going for!


P.S. When I sell out of the A series, I will auction off A-55-FB. Every time I sell out the stock of a lettered series, I will auction off the priceless FB of that series.



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