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I have read and attempted to put in practice some of your ideas with the preliminary conclusion that you are profoundly right.

My background:

I decided to learn golf after I concluded that taking people bird watching was boring them to tears. Everybody wanted to golf.

I thought, with my engineering background guiding me, that I would simply get the correct books and instruction and hit balls every day until I could play with the best of them.

I studied 5 lessons first (Ben Hogan), then Leadbetter, Price's book, Faldo's book, and on and on. I really studied these books to the point I'm sure the authors would have been amazed at the inconsistencies I found in their writing and diagrams and the misinterpretations that could arise from their descriptions. I'm lucky I didn't do permanent damage to my body whacking away at all those balls in such a contrived way.

I hired an instructor that was very good at telling me what I was doing wrong but was no help in correcting things.

I have a mat and net in my garage. I hit balls at least 5 days a week for an hour or so after the kids are in bed, better than TV. Lots of range time too. I don't have time to play that much. I'm in the work league that gets me out for 9 once a week though.

I've been at this for about one and a half years. Swing the clubhead was a revelation and my first real move forward. EJ (Ernest Jones) said your mind should be riveted to sensing the clubhead - which simply does not work as well as your method. When I practice your method and I feel my mind go back with the clubhead I know I've blown it. When I attach my mind to the ball and stay centered the results are there.

In the short time I have been attempting to learn golf I feel as if I've seen 10 lifetimes of dead ends but I don't think so this time.

I appreciate access to the product web, thank you. I will continue to read and re-read your articles and would be happy to buy the material.

I haven't really thought about the Swing Thing at this point simply because I'm consumed with your writing.


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