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Golden Swing Thing

I would like to be placed on the waiting list. When will the product be available? How much?

I am trying to learn your approach to golf via the information on your public web site. Very different! - Refreshing, sensible, and scientific - I sometimes think I've got it, have some success on the range, then realize I do not quite grasp the whole concept yet. I believe this is the right track, and I believe I will get it with persistence. Thanks for your service to the game and to people who love the game of golf.



Thanks T.M. . Remember, before you can grasp the concept you must release from the known. Success is a matter of perspective and I hope that the next time you go to the range you walk right past the teeing area and head straight for the practice green ;~) Think of the practice green as the birthing center for the concepts outlined at Golden Barefoot Golf.

The product is nearly ready to ship. I will be using a company called iescrow for internet transactions involving The Golden Swing Thing™. Check out the iescrow program if interested in purchasing the product. Details of the prices and availablity are now posted on the product web home page.

I was shooting for public release at the end of this month (March) but it looks like I need another two weeks to tie up some loose ends. I also have other people on the wating list ahead of you that need to be notified. They will have first dibs on the "AA" series. Thanks for your interest and your kind words.


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