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Viewer Mail--Op Ed

This is a piece of mail that I initiated. I decided to let the product testers have a full summer season of play before doing a full-fledged survey of product responses. In other words, I didn't get around to putting together a survey this spring. I have a life too, ya' know.

On a whim I asked one of the testers for a general assessment of The Golden Swing Thing™. I chose to ask the guy who had bugged me for months about the product. I would receive e-mails from him to the tune of "what is it?" and "where is it?" I knew before I even asked him that his response would likely be negative. When the mind of the seeker is bent on the prospect of a secret in golf, the outcome always some sort of letdown.


Any anecdotal evidence on the Swing Thing? Any game improvement? Any temperamental improvement? Has it helped you to let go of the hands?



Actually, no, I can't say that anything is different. I was really into practicing with the Swing Thing, although I couldn't see how what I was doing with the "thing" was going to relate to a better golf swing.

But the thing that really made me put it down, was your response to my question about "how the use of the Swing Thing was related to a better or improved golf swing". You replied with something like.... "...you couldn't answer that for sure, because this whole thing was an experiment, and I was one of the guinea pigs".

Well ...you signed up to be a product tester, and that's exactly what it was.

I decided I had enough problems making contact with the ball, and if "this whole thing" didn't have some "proven" value --I didn't want to waste my time with it, and possibly make my swing any worse than it already is.

No training device "works," per se, because poor golf is the result of mental ambiguities. But the swing thing is designed to demonstrate three basic principles:

1. Quality golf is dependent on the total release of the hands to the Center.

2. Quality golf is dependent on the smooth and effortless application of power (making the "T")
See Product Web

3. Mental blockages can be removed and hand/eye coordination improved when we combine #1 and #2

Let me give you a free piece of knowledge that I have discovered on my own, after many many hours of playing and practice and searching. It is quite simply this.


That is a biggest single thing that keeps players from shooting par golf. Yet it is actually taught that if you just swing the club, the face will close by itself. Nothing could be further from the truth.


With all due respect, you are completely wrong. ** It is obvious that you have never released the hands and allowed the center of your body to hit the ball. The inability to let the hands go is what prevents the clubhead from closing all by itself. Please don't take offense, but there is not enough time in the act of swing to do anything else. Any intention you have will only eat up chunks of time.

See: The Illusion of the Club in the articles section.

Thanks for testing the product. Best wishes to you.


Next Day:

No offense taken. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, ...and I am entitled to mine.

However, it there is one thing I've learned, through thousands of different "little" swing keys and methods,

There's a problem right there (the observer arisen)

it's that; --anytime I lead with the body, and think that by turning center, the hands will automatically square up the club face --I get nothing but a high "blocked" shot that ends up in the right rough.

Then you are mis-interpreting my words. The body does not lead the hands. Nor do the hands lead the body. THEY RECIPROCATE. When you speak of "this leading that," you are stepping into the domain of mental constructs. This is unhealthy for time sensitive chaotic dynamic systems. Perfect reciprocation occurs only when the mind is unencumbered.

I don't like playing from the right rough, or the bunkers on the right.

Conversely, if I simply attempt to have what I call "active hands" (not necessarily trying to do anything at any particular place in the swing path) ....but just make sure they act as if they are going to close the club face; I get much straighter and longer hits.

... "(not necessarily trying to do anything at any particular place in the swing path)" But of course! They can't do anything other than that! You are proving my point sir. Thank you :~)

I can't argue with results, and probably more people play good golf with "active hands" than those who are trying to play by swinging only the center, and "hoping" that everything else will follow in the correct timing (which often times, it does not).

My definition of "Active hands": the effort necessary to prevent the club from lagging at the WHENING moment. This effort is very, very, very, tiny. It's so tiny that, in the broad scope of swing, it is effortless. For most people True Center is never realized because the hands are overly active and tense.

And until I see your name somewhere on TV, on the leaderboards, your opinions of how to swing a golf club are no better or worse than mine,

Only swing knows how to swing. For me to appear on television would be near blasphemy.

....and I will never play well enough to be dangerous either.

The goal is not to be dangerous as if measuring a continuum. The goal is to be dangerous at any given moment in time. And before you know it, you're dangerous all the way through. Or at least you have strung together several pure shots. It's all about the temperament. Remember, the title of the book (I'm keeping the faith) is Making Peace With Golf.

There is one thing that the really good golfers have, and the rest of us DON'T. That is RAW TALENT. They get RAW TALENT as they exit the womb, at birth. If an individual doesn't have RAW TALENT, they will never be anything but just another average golfer, and no Video, or book, or lessons, or stick with a string and a ball ---is going to change that fact.

I believe Peter Fox called it "the genetic timing barrier." Perhaps Natural Golf is in your future. But in all seriousness, I generally agree with you. It's hard to argue with the bell curve.My goal here is to get the golfer to experience a few more of those perfectly lucid moments. These only occur when we completely release desire and greed.

Thanks for letting me test the Swing Thing. I might make a lamp out of it some day. If you'd of told me in the beginning what it amounted to, instead of wrapping it in all the secrecy, I probably would've told you that I wasn't interested.

The product is a novelty and a philosopher's stone of sorts. It's not a quick fix infomercial delusion. Do what you will with it, but don't insult me. I would rather you give away to someone with an open mind.

Good luck,


** There is a simple exercise you can do for yourself with a golf club that proves my claim. There is another exercise you can do with the Swing Thing to prove this automatic action of the clubhead beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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