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Pure Enjoyment

I can't tell you when I've found a site that gave me such pure enjoyment. You have put into words the thoughts that I wanted to have about golf for many years. I'm sorry you took my post on the GolfWeb.Com site in the wrong way; it was just that I found you via David Lee's Gravity Golf deal. I think that your ideas coincide with his but are much more pristine in nature. I have struggled for years with teachers who wanted my elbow in such-and-such position, my hips to do such-and-such, my right knee to do something, my wrists to do something..... You know the deal, right? But I always knew that there was a more Zen-like approach to this game and you have put it into words I can understand. It's only fitting that the best part of your site (the Waggling) is hidden in the dart board. You know, back when I enjoyed playing golf more than I have recently, I had a nice waggle. My downfall has been to get so "frozen" over the ball that I lost all the "walking and waning" of the swing. I think I can now find that "brilliant white light" that constitutes the golf ball and have some fun again. Thanks.


Thanks for your kind words. Knowing that I've struck a chord with someone is what drives me to keep on with the writing.


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