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Viewer Mail--Op Ed


You have a fine and orderly mind and probably a fine and orderly golf swing, but I submit that you are not teaching, merely demonstrating.

Thank you

R. H.

That is an excellent observation and you have, perhaps unknowingly, given me the highest of compliments. Why?

First: The official teachers (see Comments on the Professional) of this fine game have yet to prove that they are improving the lot of golfers in general. They are fine people to be sure but, as statistics bear out, highly ineffective in conveying their art. That is why I loathe the thought of being categorized as a teacher.

Second: I am not trying to teach anyone how to swing. This is not a "how to" effort. If you recall, the title of this work is "Making Peace With Golf." The only way to solve the game is to make our peace with it first. The swing is a chaotic dynamic system. It is extremely sensitive to our initial condition. I'm interested in how we can settle our psycho-somatic state into the aesthetic repose that pure golf requires.

Third: Teaching is really unnecessary. Everything required for pure swing is already known by the swinger. It may be hidden and untapped, but it's all there! It is far simpler than consciousness can comprehend.

Fourth: The word "teacher" implies authority. I'm investigating how to completely dismantle authority. I'm not just talking about the authority of the teaching pro, infomercial guru, and magazine tipsters. I'm talking about dismantling our own inward authority,  that which takes us away from the pure moment and the pure view of the ball. In other words, how do we rid ourselves of the observer? (Gallwey's Self 1).

Fifth: Yes I demonstrate. Most articles offer some form of demonstration with a pendulum, a club, or graphical construct. This is an enormous benefit for the reader because he can demonstrate these things to himself and therefore teach himself. This site is all about learning, not about teaching.

Thank you for your comment,


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