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Viewer Mail--Op Ed

I read your review on GRAVITY GOLF and found it to be an interesting and well written piece. However, I need to ask one question:

If a regular guy who loves hitting the golf course on a Sunday morning was looking for a way to improve his game (so that he was a 10-15 handicap instead of a 22 handicap) .... how would recommend he go about it??? Is there another set of videos (or any other cost effective mediums) out
there that, in your opinion, are better??



Answer to question #1:

Every Sunday morning the regular guy should arrive at the course one hour early, go to the practice green and putt and chip for an hour. That is the one and only recommendation I could make for a guy that plays once a week. Of course, employing my short game technique will make the time spent more profitable. (BTW: This technique will be made available to the purchasers of The Golden Swing Thing™.) For that, go to the Waiting List.

Answer to question #2:

Purchase The Golden Swing Thing™ and use it.


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