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Viewer Mail--Op Ed

To be absolutely frank with you, when I happened to come across your web site, I was apprehensive about reading any of the content. However after taking the time to examine your web site critically, I have come to the conclusion that your ideas are worthy of further exploration. I have been attempting to play golf well for some time now and while I have made some measurable improvement, the swing has always been a mystery to me, so very elusive. The article on the illusions of golf has given me food for thought and the article on Mushin was very insightful. I now realize that in order for me to improve I have to let it happen, let my swing happen without clogging my MIND with the mechanics of the swing. In reading the articles, I also can realize that my enthusiasm can be a hindrance to success as well, still the mind and let it happen.

Thanks for your contribution to not only golf but life itself.

L.F. ........Goof

Thank you L.F. Realizing the goof within is an important first step for any golfer wishing to do battle with the Self. Keep close the notions of Waning  and Witnessing and you may find that breakthrough and lucidity were with you all along.

This letter gave me that "tingling Harvey Penick feeling." It really is the greatest reward!


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