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Viewer Mail--Op Ed

I have been going through this large site and found some very interesting ideas about the nature of golf. I like clicking on those little thumbnails for your quotes. That brings me to my question:  The picture of "Taylor Spalding" looks like a man, but isn't Taylor a woman's name?



No I'm not a woman. Let's just say "I'm in touch with my feminine side" :~} Yes, people have asked me about that before. Let me defend the name by pointing out that this is not my real name. It's a pen name that serves as a parody of the equipment business. I played with other names like "Spalding Taylor," "Spalding Callaway," "Mashie Niblick," and so on. "Taylor Spalding" seemed to roll off the tongue and I stuck with it. The specifics of gender never really entered my mind. See also, What's in a name?


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