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Viewer Mail--Op Ed

I went to your site and got to the first page where you thanked everybody. I clicked on some things, read some things, kept clicking and clicking. It got kind of dry and boring, so I left. The site is just too big.


Yes, I believe the material may be a bit dry. Could a good copy editor make this hunk of food a bit more pallatable? Absolutely! I never claimed to be the next Santayana or the next Bertrand Russell. I'm ruminating on the game and writing things down. Also, this site may not be for everyone. If the reader is looking for golf "tips," spinning logos, and minute to minute coverage of every breathing moment of the PGA tour, the reader needs to be somewhere else. If you are open to the possibility of philosophical explorations in golf, this may be the site for you.

This is, for the most part, an archive site for the New Method. It is also a distribution hub for The Golden Swing Thing™, a product I will be market testing in the near future. Eventually I will be adding a search engine for the site. So far however most of the product tester sign ups have rated the navigation as favorable.


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