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Viewer Mail--Op Ed

Wow, what a bunch of reductionist rhetoric! You have taken obsession to a new level. I believe they have some wonderful medications these days for people with your condition.

Dr. J.B.

Ah! I take that as the highest compliment :~] What you are percieving as reductionist is really a broadening and a simplification of the golfing process. The whole thing is much simpler than we can imagine. I mean we've got big brains and opposing thumbs and all of the sudden we have to make everything complex. This site is for self teaching. It is not instruction.

Obsession? Maybe. But I think a better word is transcendance. The phrase "golf as a transformative experience," as borrowed from "Golf in the Kingdom," also comes to mind. This site is about how one person came to terms with the game. I'm not trying to change the world here. I'm just writing things down as they come to me.


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